Creative Logo

Our Vision

To be a global high quality packaging solutions provider at lowest costs employing the latest technologies.

Focus Area

Focusing on caps and closures globally, Creative is one of the largest rigid plastic suppliers to FMCG in India.


Strive for cost-effective quality, all our plants are ISO 21000 and PAS 223 certified. Further all plants regularly undergo Responsible Sourcing Audits (RSA) and Suppliers Quality Audits (SQA) and enlist with SEDEX.

Technology & Research

Investing in cutting-edge technology, Creative finds novel ways to provide benefits to clients, be it developing new materials or innovating manufacturing processes.

Design & Development

Backward integration of a mold shop and creation of a 3-D product design studio allows Creative to design and develop products of the highest value to customers.


Providing cost-effective green packaging solutions, responsibly fulfilling our duty to clients as well as our planet.