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Creative Group (CG) requires no big introduction as our products and satisfied customer speak about us. We produce more than 4 million plastic containers a day with utmost precision and very high quality. We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry and our products are highly appreciated by all our clients.

Creative Group (CG) specializes in the manufacturing of caps, closures and bottles for multipurpose use. We are specialized in manufacturing Pharmaceuticals, Home and Personal Care packaging products.


During our work tenure we have worked for wellknown pharmaceutical companies. We are specialized in manufacturing : Eye Droppers, Vials, Formulations, Baby Products and Vaporubs packaging products...

Home and Personal care

Creative Group (CG) has maintained its mark not only in pharmaceutical companies but has also worked for wellknown home and personal care companies. We are specialized in manufacturing : Talc, Shampoos, Creams & Lotions, Oils packaging products...

Other :

Creative Group (CG) has worked for wellknown multinational companies. We are masters in manufacturing all kind of packaging products.