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Quality Process

At every Creative plant, we follow strict quality control processes to ensure maintenance of the highest standards. We invite our customers to visit any of our plants to see how quality is emphasized at every stage in our manufacturing process.

Creative uses only FDA approved plastic resins and master batches
Creative has rigorous training programs for new employees. We believe that well trained employees are an integral part of our quality system.
Creative invests in world-class machines (with statistical process controls) and molds that provide the highest quality.
Creative has strict preventive maintenance programs to catch issues before they happen thereby reducing downtime and improving plant efficiency.
Regular quality checks are conducted by in-house quality control teams to ensure all products are within specifications.
Creative takes customer complaints very seriously. To prevent the reoccurrence of the issue we analyze the complaint in depth to understand the root cause following which, we ensure corrective action is taken. This process is documented in the CAPA, which is shared with our customers.